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Slides from my AES Reverb presentation

reverb, Reverb Beards, reverb design

I was invited by the Seattle chapter of the Audio Engineering Society to speak about reverbs and reverb design. I threw together some slides: AES2015ReverbPresentation Pretty skeletal deck, but it was (hopefully) more entertaining when presented in person.…

The System. Is Down. The System. Is Down.

under construction

Starting on October 15th, 2014, the Valhalla DSP website will be switching over to a new web server. The DNS switching may take 24 to 48 hours. During this time, there will probably be times where the website…

Naming reverb algorithms


I’ve created a lot of reverb algorithms at this point in time. I’ve released several dozen in plugin form, and have written hundreds more. It turns out that it is a little tricky to come up with names…

A new reverb cartridge for the Z-DSP: Halls of Valhalla

eurorack, reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, Upcoming work, Valhalla DSP, Z-DSP

I have been working on code for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack processor for a few years now. I am pleased to finally announce my first product for the Z-DSP, a reverb cartridge called Halls of Valhalla. The…

AAX Progress


I’ve been working on AAX ports of the Valhalla DSP plugins for the last several months, and have been getting a lot of inquiries as to when the AAX ports will be ready. For the latest information on…

Valhalla DSP State Of The Union, June 2013

AAX, reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaVintageVerb

My, how the time flies! We’ve been keeping busy here at Valhalla DSP HQ. The big news was the release in December 2012 of the latest plugin, ValhallaVintageVerb: ValhallaVintageVerb is a collection of 9 reverb algorithms, inspired by…

Building complex reverbs using ValhallaÜberMod

reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, theory, Tips and Tricks, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaShimmer, ValhallaÜberMod

The original ValhallaÜberMod concept had a fairly sparse Diffusion section, which was intended to smooth out feedback echos and add some density to chorus patches. Somewhere during the development process, the diffusion block was expanded into a much…

Apple’s Gatekeeper: Malware Protection? Or The Mark Of The Beast?


Chris Randall, over at his excellent Analog Industries blog, recently posted about an upcoming change in OSX 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”). OS 10.8 will introduce a new feature called Gatekeeper, which is being promoted as a method of protecting…

ValhallaRoom Updated to Version 1.1.0

Plugins, reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom

ValhallaRoom has been updated to version 1.1.0. The latest changes: New reverb mode: LV-426. In keeping with the Nostromo/Narcissus/Sulaco tradition, this is a deep dark space verb. It is kind of a cross between Nostromo and Narcissus, but…

ValhallaUberMod: The Preset Menu

Manual, Tips and Tricks, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod has a cross-platform preset format, allowing users to use the same presets for all plugin types (RTAS/VST/AU, for both OSX and Windows). The preset format is based around XML, which allows presets to be copied and pasted…